Dulcie Collins lives an ordinary life in a small town of Tasmania. She used to be a detective in Sydney, but switched for a quieter life at the request of her wife. Now, as local police officer, she seldom deals with more than fighting drunk men or speeding tickets. That is, until a nake dead […]

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Pine Gap

Nestled in a valley near Alice Spring, on a sacred land of the aboriginal people, the Pine Gap center observes everything the satellites transmit: images, of course, but also telephone conversations, geothermal disturbances… This facility is jointly managed by USA and Australia. That can never be easy. But right now, the alliance faces a primary

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What is it about ? Bad place, bad time… Two women witness a crime while waiting at a bus stop. Kidnapped, they manage to escape, only to find out that they are accused of the murders. These two strangers are stuck together in a stolen car, running from corrupt cops, good cops believing that they

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What it is about ? Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine, Brisbane (Australia). Daniel Harrow is a brilliant, grumpy, nonconformist, undisciplined, eccentric, genial pathologist. A one-of-a-kind pathologist who unearths clues no one else would have thought of. Although his clients are dead, he manages to piss off a lot of people. His colleagues, the police, the

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What is it about ? Liv lives the fast-paced life of a fulfilled New Yorker. She returns to Australia for a few days to celebrate her childhood friend’s 40th birthday. The reunion with his mother and brother is a little complicated, but the stay should be short. All the more so when she is told

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