The 2000s

The list below doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive. It will be gradually completed with other famous series

  • 24 hours chrono / counter-terrorism / An agency fights the terrorism in 24h (by episode)
  • Alias / Spy / A student is recruited by the CIA, or so she thinks…
  • Breaking bad / Drug / A chemistry teacher turns drug producer
  • Californication / Sex / A divorced writer, lacking inspiration, sinks into addictions
  • Castle / Police / A mystery novelist works with a N.Y.P.D. detective
  • Cold Case / FBI / An FBI team specializes in reopening old unsolved cases
  • Community / Sitcom / A group of friends of all ages forms at community college
  • Desperate Housewives / Women / After the suicide of their friend, four women investigate
  • Dexter / Killer / Officially a pathologist, Dexter kills criminals who escape justice. He struggles with two personas
  • House M.D. / Doctors / A brilliant, arrogant doctor addicted to painkillers runs a diagnostic department
  • Greys’s anatomy / Doctors / The life of doctors, interns, nurses and patients in a Hospital
  • Gossip girl / High school / “Gossip girl” leaks all the secret of a group of privileged young people
  • Kaamelott / Arthurian myth / Only in French, a brilliant adaptation of the Arthurian myth, a stroke of genius
  • How I met your mother / Sitcom / Ted Mosby tells his children about life in his thirties with his group of friends
  • Lie to me / Investigations / Cal Lightman is an expert in deception, he can always tell if someone is lying or not
  • Lost / Thriller / After a plane crash on an Island, a group of survivors must deal with mysterious phenomenons
  • Modern family / Sitcom / Three couples, one family : dysfunctional, loving, unbearable, always there for you. Family…
  • Monk / Police / Adrian Monk, a private detective, works with San Francisco police for the most complex cases
  • NCIS / Police / Naval criminal investigative service : five series in Washington, LA., New Orleans, Hawai, Sydney
  • Prison break / Escape / A young man is wrongly sentenced to death. His brother gets arrested to help him escape
  • Rome / Caesar / The lives of two soldiers in Caesar’s elite legion, from Gaul to Egypt, torn between duty and family life
  • Six feet under / Funeral / The life of a family running a funeral business
  • The Big Bang Theory / Sitcom / Sheldon, a manic genius, has managed to find a roommate who puts up with him.
  • The good wife / Lawyers / After a scandal involving her husband, an ex-prosecutor becomes a lawyer
  • The mentalist / Profiler / Prestidigitator and psychic, Patric Jane puts his knowledge of psychology to work for the police.
  • The Office / Sitcom / [First U.K., then U.S.A.] Between bragging, jokes and bullying, the office life of zany colleagues.
  • Vampire diaries / Vampires / In a city steeped in magic, the complex love story of two vampire brothers for Elena
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