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Each action during our life gives us positive or negative points. The final score sends us either in the good place, where all wishes come true, or in the bad place, where people are tortured for all eternity. That’s what Eleanor Shellstrop learns when she dies. Luckily for her, she wakes up in the good place. The only problem is, there has been some sort of mistake, because she was a selfish bitch her whole life and doesn’t belong here. She hides it, but confess to her new soulmate, Chidi, who happens to be a moral philosophy teacher. Maybe she can improve in the afterlife and earn her spot in the good place after all ?

The good place is an exceptionally good series ! It’s smart, funny, with a great casting and good dialogues, and it makes us feel better in many ways. First, both the characters and the actors are excellent ! The four humans, the demon and the not-a-robot-not-a-girl Janet make for a wonderful team. Secondly, the series is full of positive energy and boosts morale. Whatever problems may occur, there is always a solution. Each one of us can get better (even a demon), when we try to help each other.

Each season depicts a different plot, a different angle. The whole story is very interesting. I only regret that the central idea, revealed at the end of season 3 (let’s just say it is about unintended consequences) is not developped more. I highly recommend this little gem of a series.

4 seasons, 52 episodes (20 mn), 2016-2020, NBC, currently on Netflix

Eleanor Shellstrop
Kristen Bell / Eleanor
Chidi Anagonye
William J. Harper / Chidi
Tahani Al Jamil
Jameela Jamil / Tahani
Jason Mendoza
Manny Jacinto / Jason
D’Arcy Carden / Janet
Ted Danson / Michael
The (excellent !) judge
Michael Schlur, the creator
Vicky the cute demon

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