Anne Boleyn has just been executed for adultery. Henry VIII appointed Cromwell to run the country. One of his main missions was to close down wealthy Catholic monasteries. For this, Cromwell needed legal grounds, so he began by sending a commissioneer to inspect a first abbey, on the Sussex Coast, facing France. However, the man […]

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London. 1890, 1941, 2023, 2053. Four police detectives find a body in an alley. Naked, shot through the right eye. Same alley, same body… Detective Shahara Hasan (2023) catches a young boy running away from the scene, but he takes his own life. The investigation leads her to one of her friends, Elliot, a very

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At the beginning of the 17th century, England, Spain and Portugal were battling it out on the seas to conquer new territories and trading posts. John Blackthorne’s ship runs aground on the Japanese coast. The surviving crew members are starving and in poor condition. Bold and fearless, Blackthorne is chosen by a local lord to

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Women at war

1914, les Vosges (North-East of France, a border with Germany). The first war has just begun, and it is already a carnage. The German army is trying to invade France. French troops are outnumbered, ill equiped, but they oppose an heroic resistance. Just a few miles behind the frontline, women also lead a different fight

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Alexander the great was a a military strategist of genius, capable of defeating colossal armies. Setting out with a small army from his native Macedonia, he conquered the Persian Empire (1/4 of the world’s population). That’s astonishing. But he was much more than this. Smart, curious about other cultures, he was ready to open his

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Based on the real story of Ragnar Lothbrok, how a farmer became a hero, then a king… How Ragnar, then his sons, crossed the seas and shook England. A fabulous epic, the story of a legend well told in a series that has become legendary, creating a Viking fashion phenomenon. Somehere in Scandinavia, near the

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