Sex and the city

sex and the city
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Carrie, Sam, Miranda and Charlotte. Four friends, four women in their thirties. Three of them are obsessed by a major problem. They are still single ! How, in a big city such as New York, can it be so difficult to find your soulmate ? Or is it because New York is such a big city ? Carrie writes a weekly column about sex and relationships in a famous journal. In the course of her articles, and the adventures that punctuate her life and that of her friends, she asks herself questions : from platonic to torrid, what is the right level of relationship ? Is gay love different ? What are the pros and cons of a sextoy versus a man ?

Sex and the city is one of the most famous series, no doubt. It is glamorous, and the concept was very good : tackle all the issues that concern women, without taboos. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t fully embrace its daring subject and remains very superficial. Sex is shown at face value. Intimate questions are raised but not sufficiently explored. It stays very politically correct. For example, only Sam is not looking for love, but she is portrayed as a sex maniac. Between true love and sex, there is no other option for a fullfilling life !

Beside, Carrie and Charlotte are rather dull, spoiled fragile little princesses. Whatever happened to them, I couldn’t help but think they had it coming. Sam, Miranda, Stanford and Mr Big are more interesting characters, but even them are too cartoonish. Sex and the city may have been instructive and enticing for some housewives, but for my French woman’s taste, it’s just vaguely boring.

6 seasons, 94 episodes (25 mn), 1998-2004 + 2 movies, a prequel and a sequel, HBO

Created by Darren Star, with Sarah Jessica Parker / Carrie, Kim Catrall / Sam, Cynthia Nixon / Miranda, Kristin Davis / Charlotte, Chris Noth / Mr Big, Willie Garson / Stanford

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