The sense of duty, the difficulty of reconciling respect for orders and ethical issues: these are good elements for a scenario. But military characters have other assets: they are at the service of a cause greater than themselves, and they explore countries whose culture is unknown to them. Properly exploited, these elements provide a good basis for great sagas.

  • All the light we cannot see / Netflix / History / Saint-Malo, August 1944. A German soldier defies his orders to save a French young woman
  • Poldark / Netflix / History / England, 1800. Captain Ross Poldark, a ruined noble, comes back after the war of independance. He builds a family but cannot live a quiet life. However, between riots and politics, opportunity to fight and risk his life are everywhere.
  • Rome / Amazon / History / Two soldiers in Cesar’s elite legion, two lifes torn between family and politics
  • Stargate SG-1 / Amazon / Science-Fiction / The airforce has discovered an artifact that opens a gate to new planets. A small team (an archeologist, a physicist and an alien human warrior), led by a grumpy colonel, explores these worlds and leads the fight again a fearsome ennemy : the Goa’ulds.
  • Woman at war / Netflix / History / France, 1914, on the border with Germany. In the midst of terrible fighting, four women struggle to heal the wounded and protect their families
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